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Ecojiko Dish Soap & Bamboo Scrubbing Brush Eco Gift Set
Ecojiko Dish Soap & Bamboo Scrubbing Brush Eco Gift Set
Ecojiko Dish Soap & Bamboo Scrubbing Brush Eco Gift Set

Ecojiko Dish Soap & Bamboo Scrubbing Brush Eco Gift Set


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Join us in the growing trend for non-plastic, biodegradable and zero
waste products and gifts for your home. Begin your journey with our
gorgeous new Dish Soap and Bamboo Pot Scrubbers Set.

The Lemongrass Dish Soap has a beautiful scent that lathers well,
especially compared to other eco products. This coconut oil based soap
is vegan, borax and palm oil free, septic tank friendly and is
naturally antiseptic. Made in the UK this Dish Soap makes a great
alternative to using standard washing up liquid in a plastic bottle;
perfect for those of you looking to reduce the use of plastic in your
home. The Dish Soap rests on a coconut coir soap saver which is made
from natural fibres and will lengthen the life of your soap. It will
also help you use less soap and will stop it from looking sludgy on
your sink!

Our popular ecojiko pot scrubbers, included in your set, are an
efficient, natural, eco friendly alternative to using plastic
scrubbers that release dangerous micro plastics into the water

All items in this set are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

MULTIPLE USES: The pot scrubbers are a perfect eco alternative to your
synthetic scourers. They scrub pans and clean crockery with ease. They
are not just for washing up either. We also like to use the scrubbers
for cleaning everything from vegetables, nails, muddy boots and even
brushing beards.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Our scrubbers and soap rest are made from natural,
non-plastic materials, which will biodegrade rather than lasting years
in landfill.

BAMBOO, SISAL & COCONUT: As one of the fastest growing sustainable
plants, we use bamboo as an alternative to wood. No nasty pesticides
are required to harvest the plant, which means it doesn’t harm the
environment. The bristles are made from sisal, rather than plastic,
which would take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

HARD & SOFT BRISTLES: One scrubber is made with harder bristles to
help you vigorously clean those dirty pans or muddy boots. The other
is softer, which is perfect for plates and beards!

VEGAN: All the products in this are vegan, including the coconut oil
based lemongrass dish soap.

Caring for your ecojiko scrubbers will lengthen their life and save
you money. To protect them, remember to clean and dry out all of the
brushes and don’t submerge the handles in water for any length of
time or place them in the dishwasher. Your soap saver should be dried
out and can also be used as a scouring pad.


2 x ecojiko bamboo scrubbers with sisal bristles (one scrubber for
lighter use, one with harder bristles) 8 x 3.5 x 3.5cm

1 x lemongrass dish soap 10 x 8 cm (coconut oil based)

1 x coconut coir soap saver 7.5 x 6 x 2.5 cm (bonded with natural
biodegradable rubber)

1 x recycled / recyclable gift box

(We use biodegradable / compostable postage bags)

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