Jake’s Boost Super Boost Nut and Seed Butter
This spread will make your taste buds dance- it’s like no other nut butter you have ever tasted. 6 nuts & 4 seeds in one jar! Complex flavours with an earthiness from the seeds and extra crunch from roughly chopped...
Jake’s Boost Banana Boost Nut and Seed Butter
When someone shakes your hand congratulating you for creating the best nut butter ever, you can probably say you nailed it! Creamy organic peanuts, 5 seeds and freeze-dried banana in a crunchy blend. On fresh fruit, toast, yoghurt, porridge, or double...
Jake’s Boost Tiger Boost Nut and Seed Butter
Indulgently rich and biscuitey, with cashews, brazil nuts, toasted coconut, sunflower seeds and tiger nuts. This spread is perfect on its own but why not stir it into your favorite frozen yoghurt, dollop on your overnight oats or spread it...
£6.90 £4.90
Jake’s Boost Cacao Boost Nut and Seed Butter
Rich & chocolatey, with espresso notes- this is your favourite high quality dark chocolate in a jar without the rubbish. Creamy peanuts, chia and cocoa nibs for crunch. Stir it into smoothies, add it to brownies, muffins and energy balls- or...
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